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Impression—Liu Sanjie

[2014-10-20 15:13]

This is a totally different performance from the conventional form. The theater is the nature itself.

Light Show in Reed Flute Cave

[2014-10-09 11:23]

Reed Flute Cave (Ludi Yan) contains some of the most extraordinary underground scenery in all of China.

Restaurants Specializing in Local Cuisine

[2014-10-13 14:52]

Restaurants Specializing in Local Cuisine

Lijiang River flows amid 'fairytale' landscape

[2014-10-13 07:12]

Wang Zhenggong, a governor of Guangxi in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) would not have expected his farewell toast to Guilin's imperial test-takers to become a household saying in Chinese for the next 1,000 years.

Recommended guest houses for backpackers

[2014-10-11 15:04]

This is one of the hostels with the best reputation among backpackers in Yangshuo.

Guilin marches to its own leisurely, scenic beat

[2014-10-07 15:22]

During the process of rapid urbanization in China, many cities have seen scenic features lost to swaths of concrete, steel and glass. But Zhao Leqin, the Party chief of Guilin, is determined that his city will follow a different course and retain the attraction of its natural scenery.

Picturesque Lijiang River

[2014-10-06 14:06]

The area surrounding Lijiang River attracts numerous travelers every year with its beautiful landscape and fresh air.

Solitary Beauty Peak & Prince's Mansion Scenic Area

[2014-10-06 14:00]

The Solitary Beauty Peak & Prince City scenic area includes the Solitary Beauty Peak and the whole Jingjiang Prince City built in the Ming dynasty.

Acrobatic Show--Dreamlike Lijiang

[2014-10-06 13:27]

Dreamlike Lijiang is a super panoramic landscape show developed by the well-known China Heaven Creation International.

Guilin has more to appeal to tourists

[2014-10-06 11:34]

The Butterfly Garden is the largest garden for butterflies in China and is currently home to more than 200 kinds of butterflies numbering more than 10,000.

A taste of Guilin

[2013-04-13 07:55]

Two chefs from Guilin face a dilemma in Beijing - to be authentic or to be popular.

Guilin shopping

[2011-07-02 17:21]

Guilin sanhua alcohol, Guilin fermented bean curd and Guilin chili sauce are considered to be Guilin's three treasures and top choices with visitors to the city. Products made from sweet-scented osmanthus are also recommended since the name of Guilin literally means forests of osmanthus. Osamnthus tea, sugar and wine will bring you sweet memories of this city.

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