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E-commerce increases demand for logistics properties

[2014-10-13 13:21]

Demand for logistics properties in China is increasing as strong growth is anticipated in the e-commerce business sector over the next decade.

National logistics network formed

[2014-10-13 13:13]

China is redoubling its efforts to establish a nationwide logistics network by launching logistics projects in different regions.

Customs benefit provincial logistics

[2014-10-13 13:06]

The Customs in the provinces along the Yangtze River handled 210 million tons of cargo in the first half of this year, accounting for 94 percent of the total imports and exports passing through the Shanghai port.

Foreign investors targeting logistics real estate

[2014-10-13 12:54]

Foreign investors are increasingly looking at logistic properties as a good place to secure their return in the Chinese market.

CeMAT ASIA an overwhelming success

[2014-10-13 12:43]

Materials handling and intralogistics are the keys for success in every step of the supply chain, from raw materials right on up to the finished products in customer's hands.

CeMAT ASIA showcases the latest in logistics

[2014-10-13 12:23]

China's materials handling and logistics market continues to boom, with annual growth of 15 percent and a market value of 97 billion euros ($129.3 billion) projected by 2015.

CeMAT ASIA 2014 opens

[2014-10-13 12:21]

About 500 logistic-related companies will gather in the annual International Exhibition for Materials Handling Automation Technology Transport System and Logistics (CeMAT ASIA) to demonstrate the cutting-edge technologies and achievements in the logistics sector in Shanghai from Oct 27 to 30.

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