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Forum intensifies intl exchanges

[2016-09-29 08:38]

Having already forged extensive and amicable international ties, Guangzhou is wooing organizers of top international events to consolidate its position as a major center for international exchanges.

Investment attracted by industry hubs

[2016-09-29 08:38]

The ambition to possess a network of international hubs has helped to lift the appeal of the business-friendly city of Guangzhou to investors.

Multinational companies drawn to knowledge center

[2016-09-29 08:38]

This year has seen major investment projects funded by Fortune Global 500 companies in Guangzhou, such as Cisco (Guangzhou) Smart City and COSCO Shipping Bulk Co Ltd.

Multinationals still 'drawn to China'

[2016-09-14 07:29]

Multinational company CEOs remain very eager to participate in China's growth and development, Fortune said.

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