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Zhu Yuan

Zhu Yuan is an editorial writer with China Daily’s opinion department. He writes editorials about social and cultural issues.

Power of commentaries lies in reasoning

[2010-12-01 08:08]

Don't Simplify What Has Happened in China is a book by Chen Xiaochuan, editor-in-chief of China Youth Daily, a newspaper well known for its investigative reporting and pungent commentaries.

Building for people not profit

[2010-11-24 07:56]

Statistics show that complaints about the quality of housing increased from 37.1 percent in 2008 to 52.5 percent in 2009.

Learn pros and cons of market economy

[2010-10-13 08:03]

How much do we know about capitalism? I don't think we know it a lot, at least not as thoroughly as we should.

TV serials are for fun, books for knowledge

[2010-09-22 08:11]

A popular discussion in the media and on the Internet nowadays is whether a new TV serial based on A Dream of Red Mansions reflects the spirit of the classic novel more than the old version made in 1987.

Selfishness no longer a big problem

[2010-09-08 07:28]

Selfishness is a word people seldom use nowadays, nor do we often come across its opposite expression altruism. So I was surprised when reading a book titled On People's Thoughts.

Sympathy to the underserving twists soul

[2010-08-04 09:14]

Conscience is intangible, yet most of us can differentiate it as something deep down in our hearts. Without conscience to direct our behavior, I daresay, our world, as we know it, would be meaningless and chaotic.

Strive for emancipation of mind

[2010-06-30 08:11]

What should be to blame for the country's lack of development over the past couple of centuries? The answers vary.

Balance growth with social equity

[2010-06-02 07:15]

Some Chinese miss the "good old days" when the wealth gap between the haves and have-nots was not as stark as it is now.

Do not envy coal mine owners' wealth

[2010-05-19 06:40]

Many Chinese will never hesitate to associate the catchphrase meilaoban (coal mine owner or boss) with wealth and luxurious lifestyle.

Capitalism: The evil that's vital to economy

[2010-05-05 08:12]

Looking at the title of the book Understanding Capitalism - Competition, Command and Change, what immediately comes to my mind is whether Chinese experts have ever exhaustively researched what this term as an economic system is exactly about.

Is low carbon in our long-term interest?

[2010-04-21 07:54]

Nationalists or radical nationalists tend to interpret what the United States or West is doing as a conspiracy to maintain their supremacy over developing countries.

Alienated with this new strange place

[2010-04-07 07:18]

Even I, after witnessing the constant changes in Beijing in the past two decades, find it difficult to find some store or restaurant on a street that used to be so familiar to me.

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