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Zhu Yuan

Zhu Yuan is an editorial writer with China Daily’s opinion department. He writes editorials about social and cultural issues.

Step toward good governance

[2014-07-19 06:47]

The reform of government vehicle usage should usher in more changes for clean and honest governance.

New concept of individualism applies

[2014-06-18 07:29]

What we need, particularly in present-day China, is individualism with the awareness of both the cultivation of moral character and the imperative of defending one's deserved rights and interests.

New type of urbanization is in the details

[2014-05-14 07:36]

A new type of urbanization will not mean happy urban dwellers unless the attention of urban designers and leaders can be diverted to what is really relevant to the quality of urban life.

Who should kneel before whom?

[2014-04-29 08:57]

Who should kneel, the woman or the environmental protection bureau director and local leader?

Cultivate the self through reading

[2014-04-23 06:57]

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.

Sense of justice needed by all in our society

[2014-03-22 08:24]

Once the residential buildings are built and enter the market as a commodity, how can homebuyers expect the price to only rise without any chance of falling?

Purifier needed to clean our souls

[2014-02-26 07:15]

Despite the aversion the majority of residents have to the polluting industries, their double contributions to the GDP, both direct and indirect, is an undeniable fact.

The bad and the good of micro texts

[2014-02-13 07:36]

While micro text messages can be an important source of information and knowledge, I would say micro text messages can never replace reading, which can be much more thought provoking.

In search of genuine intellectuals

[2014-01-08 07:22]

When everyone can share his/her ideas with others in the virtual world, real intellectuals in the traditional sense are badly needed to provide sensible interpretations.

Lure of power needs taming

[2013-12-30 07:15]

The building of a sound election system for people's congresses at all levels, which needs to make it difficult for the elections to be rigged, needs to be included in this plan.

Change of government role is key to reform

[2013-12-04 07:56]

The subtlety with which the government at all levels can play this role well is no easier to handle than what it used to do with its former role.

Invisible cities inspire urbanization

[2013-10-10 07:24]

Striking a balance between a visible city and an invisible one may be a way for urban planners to redefine the urbanization road map.

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