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全家腐 (quanjia fu): Family rot

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-01-29 08:06

Officials should supervise their relatives and subordinates around them and not connive with them to capitalize on their positions for illegal gain, said President Xi Jinping at a recent meeting of discipline inspection departments of the Party. This was a reminder to all officials that they must prevent their family, friends and subordinates from interfering in policymaking, daily work and personnel arrangements in pursuit of illegal benefits.

It has been common in corruption cases to see all of the official's family members involved in the corruption, with spouses and children found to have taken advantage of the power and position of the officials concerned.

Admittedly, family bonds are very important in Chinese society, but they should not "hijack" the officials and the power they have in their hands.

In order to prevent family corruption, the officials should stick to the bottom line of the Party's discipline and the law. They should always keep in mind that they are responsible for the public and should not use their public power to seek private interests for their families.

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