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Overindulgence is poison

By ysyaileen ( Updated: 2015-01-23 17:46

Born in a two-child family and being an elder daughter who had to look after my little brother and do the housework because both my parents had to work day and night to feed the family, I have developed into a girl who has broad shoulders. I still appreciate what life has given me and made me a better person now. It seems that I knew pretty well what responsibility was at a young age. Besides, I was fully aware of the dos and don’ts. I was always very considerate and very helpful in my family. I was greatly praised by the neighbors as a little adult. Just as the old Chinese saying goes, children of the poor can better handle the family chores earlier. Most children from a poor family are much more mature in mind than those from a better-off family, especially those who were spoiled and were the apples of their parents’ eyes.

I am sure most of you have read the news that a 10-year- old boy took up the burden of the whole family. His father was diagnosed with leukemia in October 2014 and was about to give up the treatment because of the high medical fees. But the little boy was so determined that he collected recyclable waste and sold them for money to help pay his father’s medical fees. He said, “I would never give up and dad you must cheer up!” what shocked us is not only the news itself but also the strength and power that burst out of this little figure. Thanks to the media’s reports, the boy’s family received donations from many kind-hearted people and the little boy has returned to school.

There was another piece of news that also set us thinking. It was about a girl, aged 13, who forced her mother to abort by threatening to commit suicide. And her mother finally surrendered and ended her pregnancy at 13 weeks in a hospital. I totally disagree with what the woman has done. It’s not wise to solve this problem in this way. The teenage girl was too willful and she would probably do the same thing when her requirements couldn't be met the next time. The parents may give her a false signal that whatever is difficult can be solved in such an ultimate way. What’s more, the child will grow up to be conceited and self-centered. I am afraid that the parents will have to suffer the consequences of their own doing in the future.

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