China Cultural Centers: windows into Chinese culture abroad

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China Cultural Centers: windows into Chinese culture abroad

In the China Cultural Center of France, A lady was playing the Guzheng (a Chinese 21-or 25 plucked string instrument). [Photo/Xinhua]

At 8:50pm on Nov 9th, a cultural feature series A Window: Overseas China Cultural Center was broadcast by Beijing TV. The film was jointly made by the Ministry of Culture, Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPC, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and BTV.

It took separate film crews in 11 countries 1 year to film the feature. This 8-episode series features the recent 10-year history of the 11 overseas China cultural centers all over the world, by narrating the personal experience of hundreds of Chinese culture learners from Egypt, Japan, Thailand, France, etc.

This is the first series that focuses on all the overseas China cultural centers, and features many moving stories about people's emotional attachment to Chinese culture and the great achievements the Chinese cultural centers have made for the exchange of culture. For example, a Japanese man expressed his persistent love of China by showing his passport which had 600 entries only to China.

The China cultural centers are the official culture exchange institutions established by the Chinese government to bring Chinese culture to the global stage. They hold a variety of cultural activities and use various teaching methods, which vary with the cultural background of the different countries they are in.

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