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Kangba fashion: Beauty of Tibetan culture

( Updated: 2016-09-02 21:44

Kangba fashion: Beauty of Tibetan culture

Kangba costumes enhance the masculinity of men and the feminity of women. Men also carry delicate Tibetan broadswords on their belt while women wear precious accessories made of amber and corallites. [Photo by Han Jiajun/]

Yushu, the Tibeten autonomous prefecture located in China's Qinghai province, is known for not only its beautiful landscape but also its rich and unique culture, including traditional Kangba costumes that have been listed as national intangible cultural heritage.

Kangba costume is famous for its rich color and flowing shapes. Five colors commonly used represent the five elements: yellow for the earth, blue for the sky, red for the solemnity of religion, white for purity, green for water and black for wealth. Kangba costume is one branch of the Tibetan dressing culture and over the past centuries, it has gradually developed its own style and fashion.

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