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People's Daily forum seeks global readership

By ZHENG JINRAN ( Updated: 2016-06-15 20:05

People's Daily, a major official Chinese publication, hosted a forum on Wednesday to strengthen communication with foreign countries through more innovative channels and build Chinese media with global influence.

In February, President Xi Jinping has highlighted the importance of strengthening the international communication capacity with a larger voice in the world in the occasion of talking about Chinese media communications.

The president urged to tell Chinese stories well and optimize the strategic layout of Chinese media to build flagship media with strong international influence.

It's the cardinal principals that the Chinese media should follow during the communication with foreign countries and lead the development of People's Daily as well, said Yang Zhenwu, head of People's Daily at Wednesday's forum, when the newspaper's 68th anniversary of starting publication is coming.

Yang said that they will keep focus on telling Chinese stories for the global readers, making innovative communication channels and improving the technologies.

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