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Capital's charity campaign aims to promote philanthropy

By Luo Wangshu ( Updated: 2016-06-07 15:19

A series of activities aimed at promoting philanthropy will be held in Beijing over the coming months, the capital's municipal bureau of civil affairs said on Tuesday.

Major events to be held in June include the launch of a competition to award Beijing's most charitable companies and organizations, a promotional picture tour of the city's communities, parks and universities called "Charitable Capital" and the launch of a charitable advertisement competition by the China Foundation Center, an information service platform for charitable foundations in China.

China passed the nation's first charity law in March, easing restrictions on fundraising and the operational activities of charity groups, while tightening supervision of their internal management and promising tax benefits for the sector.

The series of activities to be held in Beijing are aimed at promoting the law, which comes into force in September.

Results of the charitable advertisement competition and selected awardees will be announced on Sept 5, while other charitable activities will also take place later in the month.

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