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Xi-Ma meeting through the eyes of common people

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-11-08 08:23

"We are sitting together today to prevent historical tragedy from repeating itself...and to enable our future generations to share a bright future," Xi said.

Xi expressed hope that the two sides will adhere to the 1992 Consensus, consolidate common political foundations, stick to the path of peaceful development, and maintain the right direction for the development of cross-Straits ties.

Ma, speaking at a press conference after the meeting, also stressed his firm stance on the one-China principle and, as the island's leader, against its "independence".

The "constitution" in Taiwan does not allow for the concept of two Chinas, nor the theory of one China, one Taiwan, he said.

Hotline set up

Better communication and family bonds were emphasized at the meeting, and the leaders tried to clear related concerns of the other side.

Direct, better communication will soon be possible,as the two sides agreed to a hotline between top officials on cross-Straits relations to reduce risks of misunderstanding.

The suggestion of such a hotline to facilitate the handling of urgent issues won an "immediate response" from Xi, Ma said at the press conference.

Currently, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have a direct hotline between deputy officials for cross-Straits relations. On the island's appeal for "more room in the international community", Xi said that it could be handled "case by case, in a proper manner".

As for a military base stationed in the north of the mainland and being viewed by some as a threat to the island, Ma told reporters that Xi has denied the speculation.

In his opening remarks at the meeting, Xi said the past 66 years have seen the continuation of family bonds between the two sides.

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