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New Beijing IP trial committee hears first case

By CAO YIN ( Updated: 2015-09-17 17:26

A complicated intellectual property dispute being decided by a new trial committee created to try difficult cases attracted more than 100 people to its inaugural hearing today.

The trademark dispute involving a medical company and the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce was the first case adjudicated by the Beijing Intellectual Property's trial committee.

The committee, which consists of seven judges with extensive trial experience, had previously only provided expertise during trials. As part of a pilot program on judicial reform, put forward by the government's leadership in 2013, the committee was asked hear a case on its own.

The committee previously provided suggestions during trials, but without hearing all of the evidence in the case, it could not "figure out problems accurately and make confident demands of both parties," said Song Yushui, the tribunal's spokeswoman.

"After all, the committee did not participate in a case, let alone know the focus. In this way, its suggestions were unsure to be fair and objective," Song said. "Only when we are present during a trial, we will find out the details ... important to making a verdict."

Today's case, which considered the company's claim that the trademark office's cancellation of its registered trademark was illegal, was heard by seven top judges from the local tribunal, including its president and two vice-presidents.

Chen Jinchuan, vice-president of the tribunal, echoed Song's assessment, saying the committee represents the authority of a court and the judges trail experience can better solve complicated judicial problems.

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