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Villager jailed for not saving drowning teen

( Updated: 2014-09-16 18:19

A villager in Yilong county, Sichuan province, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a local court for not trying his utmost to save a drowning teenager with a mental health problem.

At around 6 pm on July 17, 2013, the villager surnamed He invited 18-year-old Qiu to his home, where both dined and drank. After supper, He asked Qiu to return home because the teen's family members did not know he was at He's home.

"I was worried his grandfather would find fault with me and use a stick from a pine tree to expel him. But he didn't want to leave," He was quoted as saying by West China Metropolis Daily.

The newspaper did not specify He's age.

When it was near midnight, He took the teenager to the village road.

"After he passed the bridge on the road, he lay on the ground and rolled. He did not want to return home. After a stalemate that lasted around one hour, he rolled into a small river. I rushed to get him to the top of a mound by the road," He told the newspaper.

A sudden downpour caused the water level in the river to rise and Qiu was washed into the river. Instead of trying to save the teen, He fled the scene.

Qiu's body was found the next day. Police found he had drowned and detained He on July 19.

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