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Small cars favored in France, needs restructure

[2013-02-22 17:32]

More than half of newly registered cars last year in France are low-end small cars, and its sales in January 2013 accounted for 53 percent of the month’s total.

Safety on the roads

[2013-02-06 07:41]

The fatal traffic accidents in the past few days should sound an alarm about the country's lax traffic safety system and call for more actions to guarantee nationwide road safety for the upcoming travel peak in the country's countdown to the Lunar New Year.

Low-quality fuel near Beijing undermines air quality

[2013-01-26 03:47]

As Beijing prepares to raise its car emission standards, neighboring areas have been using poorer quality fuel that threatens to undermine the anti-pollution efforts, experts said.

Overcapacity in domestic car brands

[2013-01-21 15:08]

A recent report from China Galaxy Securities shows that Chinese carmakers on average used only 58 percent of their production capacity last year, while Sino-foreign joint ventures operated at 90 percent.

November sales in upward trend

[2012-12-24 05:40]

A de-inventory process at showrooms in the third quarter provided manufacturers more room for upping their sales figures as the year's end approaches.

2012: Slowing growth, maturing market

[2012-12-24 05:40]

China Daily motoring writer Han Tianyang takes a look back at what moved the market and made the news over the past 12 months.

Long journey of auto service

[2012-12-10 05:37]

With the invention of automobile 126 years ago came the inevitable birth of auto service. As the inventor of automobile, Mercedes-Benz also played a major role in the history of auto service.

Electric cars stuck in the slow lane

[2012-11-30 09:51]

After several unsuccessful attempts, Chinese automakers are no longer hedging their future on electric cars, but instead looking at it as a realistic option to achieve green goals.

Level playing field for private firms

[2012-11-30 09:51]

Recent remarks made by two senior government officials have once again stoked debate on the future of joint venture self-owned auto brands in China.

Much ado about nothing

[2012-11-30 09:51]

Joint venture self-owned brands are fast becoming the most discussed subject within the auto industry in China.

Audi: Local models, not price cuts, hold the key

[2012-10-15 11:39]

Instead of slashing prices, German luxury carmaker Audi AG vows to speed up localization of new products to continue its reign over the premium segment of the world's biggest vehicle market.

Experts: popularize hybrid cars in China

[2012-09-13 09:54]

Chinese experts called for the development of the hybrid auto industry in the country for the purpose of reducing emissions.

Steady growth, but growing disparity

[2012-09-10 08:08]

Despite a slowdown in the first half this year, China's auto market is expected to maintain stable growth of 8 to 12 percent annually over the next four years.

A danger zone for China's auto inventories?

[2012-08-28 10:27]

China's automakers have seen high automobile inventories over the past six months, prompting concerns whether the car industry is facing a crisis.

Battle for survival as market cools

[2012-08-27 08:05]

Last month, the China Association of Automotive Manufacturers predicted that more than half of Chinese domestic passenger vehicle brands would cease to exist in the next three to five years.

Looming restrictions, high inventories

[2012-08-20 16:26]

Although a slower month than June, light vehicle sales remained stable in July with total volume reaching 1.38 million units, a 9 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

Bumpy ride, but global sales rising

[2012-08-13 08:04]

Global light vehicle sales are expected to be bullish this year and in 2013 despite mounting risks, according to industry consultancy LMC Automotive.

Guangzhou's car quota hurts more than helps industry

[2012-08-07 14:22]

The government of Guangzhou has decided to emulate Beijing and Shanghai by clamping down on the number of cars on the road.

Despite bumps in the road, auto market powers ahead

[2012-07-23 16:39]

Despite concerns about overall slowing in China's economy, passenger vehicle sales increased 15.6 percent in June to 1.18 million units, helping boost half-year figures by 8.6 percent year-on-year.

Will car industry get over speed bump?

[2012-07-20 16:34]

A slowing economy and the exit of stimulus policies have put brakes on China's auto industry, sending auto sales to a historical low.