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For auto dealer, sun rises in the west

[2012-07-14 17:26]

Most auto dealers have been having a rough time, but China Grand Auto has continued to make big inroads, thanks to its sales in central and western parts of the country.

Dealer services crucial

[2012-07-09 16:55]

While China's automotive market is the largest in the world, it may also be the most difficult to manage - for both manufacturers and sellers.

Owning a car a fading dream in China?

[2012-07-07 15:18]

Over the years their dreams of car ownership have become increasingly realizable. Due to local policies, however, even if they can afford to buy one, often they can't legally do so.

VW slips a gear, then replaces China CEO

[2012-07-02 15:02]

But VW has now found itself in difficult situation that threatens to jeopardize its enviable position.

Rising sales, but dealers feel crunch

[2012-06-26 14:09]

The market moved forward in May as light vehicle sales rose 18 percent over a year earlier to 1.6 million units.

VW reshuffle reflects market's power

[2012-06-11 08:02]

In a move that shows China's increasing importance in Volkswagen's global strategy, the auto giant recently announced it will establish a new management board for its operations in the country.

No local production for Subaru

[2012-05-28 15:07]

Fuji's latest announcement revealed the company has dropped plans to manufacture vehicles in China after failing to secure government approval for a joint venture.

Marketing crucial as sales cool

[2012-05-21 07:48]

Stronger growth in light vehicles sales in April was no great surprise, but concerns remain about the overall market weakness in the first four months of 2012.

Losses at more dealers as market tightens

[2012-05-07 13:57]

The number of profitable auto dealerships in China dropped by 18 percentage points last year, according to a recently released survey by JD Power Asia Pacific.

More green cars needed

[2012-04-24 11:02]

With a record 1,125 vehicles being showcased at the biannual Beijing Auto Show, carmakers have shifted to top gear in their bid to woo Chinese consumers.

China 'can still lead' in green cars

[2012-04-21 09:54]

China may still become a global leader in the electric vehicle industry if policymakers and manufacturers shift their focus on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Luxury-car makers go for compacts

[2012-04-02 07:05]

After gaining a foothold in China's large vehicle market, foreign luxury car brands are now looking for more opportunities in the small-car sector by launching entry-level compact models.

Govt procurement no sure boon to Chinese brands

[2012-03-26 14:54]

The recent list of approved vehicles for government purchase has caused quite a stir because all 412 models are Chinese brands.

Automakers watch, wait amid market slump

[2012-03-19 16:10]

Every year, the timing of New Year and the Chinese Spring Festival sets the pace for vehicle sales in China for the first two months.

'Detroit of the East' powers along

[2012-03-13 09:25]

Jiading, home of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (Group), maker of China's first "Shanghai" sedan, which used to rule the roads, has always been proud of its heritage as a key auto town in the Yangtze River Delta region.

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