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Q+A: Hsin-Fa Wu

[2013-12-12 10:13]

When I was a freshman in the industry, I had strong interests in automotive magazines from the US and Japan, such as Automotive News.

The debate on lifting equity share control

[2013-11-07 10:37]

The 50:50 equity investment restriction adopted 20 years ago was adopted mainly to protect the interests of large and medium state-owned automakers.

Abolition of govt cars to impact future demand

[2013-12-05 15:12]

The booming automobile market in China over the past three decades has had an important driver: the government.

Uphill climb for electric cars

[2013-09-30 07:06]

The Chinese government began policy support for the sale and use of electric vehicles in 2009, but the results have been modest.

Rental car quota won't aid electric cars sales

[2013-09-04 17:27]

Beijing Commission of Transport issued the Measures for Allocation of Rental Car Quota in Beijing on July 22. The Allocation Measures comes into immediate effect upon the issuance.

Congested traffic hits even small urban areas

[2013-08-12 07:08]

A recent visit to my in-laws living in Lishi, a city in Shanxi province, sheds some light on China's urbanization and demand for automobiles in small cities.

As carmaker bets Arrizo can stop sales slide

[2013-07-29 07:20]

Chery Automobile Co based in Wuhu, Anhui province had an unprecedented market launch for its new Arrizo 7 on July 26 following the model's debut at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

Mixed outlook for EV makers in China and US

[2013-07-01 08:03]

As Chinese automakers try to enter the US market, two EV automakers in the country have been dealing with challenges, while a third appears to be making some gains.

Car change brings officials closer to people

[2013-06-21 07:38]

The change of official vehicles from foreign brands to a domestic one for minister-level officials may be just the beginning of a campaign to overhaul that unhealthy tendency within the Party and the government.

Commercial viability key to success

[2013-06-06 06:18]

The road traveled by Tesla Motors, a game changer in the global electric car industry, reminds Chinese automakers that they should think outside the box.

Fare rise is partial solution

[2013-05-24 07:15]

Taxi fares in Beijing look set to be raised not just the starting price and per-kilometer charge, but also the charge for waiting time.

Let taxi fare reform be fair

[2013-05-24 07:15]

The Beijing planning body and transportation authorities held a public hearing on Thursday to address taxi drivers' complaints against low income and make it easier for people to hail a cab, especially during rush-hour traffic.

'34.6m by 2020', light vehicle sales

[2013-05-20 17:02]

Sales of light vehicles including cars and light commercial vehicles will total 34.6 million units in 2020, doubling the figure in the US

Potential for luxury cars

[2013-05-07 13:29]

The headline-making slowdown in sales of luxury cars in China has triggered concern among automakers, but it is too early to predict the boom is at an end.

'New energy', traditional paradigm

[2013-05-06 07:13]

PV production in China in fact consumes massive amounts of power and is among the most heavily polluting industries.

Green cars subsidies not bringing expected results

[2013-04-01 05:47]

Despite unprecedented efforts by the government to promote green vehicles, growth in this market has failed to meet expectations.

Auto industry insiders offer guidance to govt

[2013-03-18 05:42]

Leaders from the auto industry suggest ways for the government to strengthen the industry,during the CPC, CPPCC sessions.

Marketing of tragic infant death fuels criticism

[2013-03-11 05:56]

It's really a tough job for automakers doing marketing and sales in China. They have tried a range of gimmicks in recent years. But there should be a moral bottom line.

Beijing emissions V standard 'a big challenge'

[2013-03-01 10:49]

Stricter emissions regulations in Beijing to ease severe air pollution will add pressure to struggling domestic automakers.

China needs electric cars more than hybrid

[2013-02-28 15:09]

China will continue to promote electric vehicles, as electric and hybrid vehicles sold in 2012 contributed to only 0.7 percent of the nation's total car sales.