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Japan suppliers fined to protect consumers

[2014-08-21 07:19]

China's antitrust action reflecting its resolve to prevent market leaders from jeopardizing consumer interests through price manipulation.

Taking the right steps for a transparent auto market

[2014-08-19 10:54]

A new and concrete framework reconciling the antitrust and sector rules for cars and parts is unavoidable and much-needed.

Vehicle reform warmly welcomed

[2014-07-18 07:10]

In order to be implemented to the full, government vehicle reform needs a set of supporting measures, of which the most important should be strengthening public supervision.

Beijing auto show voices

[2014-04-28 06:36]

Lamborghini now has more than 20 authorized dealers on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong and Macao, which can effectively meet the demands of Chinese consumers.

EVs in China need more time

[2014-04-25 14:12]

With air pollution worsening and oil imports rising China sorely needs to find a way to reduce vehicle emissions if it is to keep its auto industry growing.

China's auto geared for growth despite slowdown

[2014-04-25 10:12]

China's automotive industry will keep the forward momentum this year propped by strong demand and a new energy vehicle boom despite increasing downward pressure on the country's economic.

What's hot at Beijing auto show?

[2014-04-24 16:53]

With the auto show now in full swing, you may wonder what exactly tops the list that visitors want to feast their eyes on.

Car curbing policies should be fairer

[2014-04-02 08:30]

In a society ruled by law, any policy that is going to affect the public must be carried out according to the law and based on fair procedures.

Icebreaking year for new energy automobiles?

[2014-03-25 10:25]

Continuous haze in China has prompted more people to seek a healthy, eco-friendly mode of transport.

Insiders steer industry on path to stable development

[2014-03-10 07:10]

Auto industry has been a hot topic among delegates to the ongoing sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

No reining in Chinese vehicle firms

[2014-03-04 07:59]

China's car industry growth rates may not quite match those of 2013, whose 16% jump in sales surprised most observers, but total volumes should still rise by around 10% to a whisker under 20 million units.

China, US car buyers trust contrasting sources

[2014-02-21 11:17]

Almost one third of Chinese car buyers see consumer-driven content, such as automotive blogs or reviews, as their most trusted source of information when buying a vehicle.

China auto market growth slows sharply in January

[2014-02-14 11:31]

The relatively slow growth in the world's biggest auto market was partly due to the week-long Chinese New Year holiday. Most dealers close during the holiday.

Aston Martin plays 'Made in China' blame game

[2014-02-14 10:38]

Aston Martin's latest recall again passed the buck for poor quality of products, but this time "Made in China" is just the scapegoat of the glorious carmaker.

Luxurious 'self-rewards' are on a roll

[2014-01-21 14:18]

Rolls-Royce Ltd recently announced its highest-ever annual sales, reaching a level of 3,630 cars sold in 2013, its fourth consecutive record-breaking year.

Toyota and Kia bet on sports cars to turbocharge brands

[2014-01-17 16:08]

Toyota Motor Corp and Kia Motors unveiled concept sports cars this week, sharing a common goal to add some sizzle to their brands.

Self-driving cars to be 9% of car sales in 2035: Study

[2014-01-02 10:32]

Sales of vehicles able to drive themselves will account for about 9 percent of global auto sales in about two decades, according to a forecast published.

Putting brakes on China's auto industry

[2013-12-26 11:04]

Easy money and overdependence on foreign technology mean Chinese automakers have very little interest in research and development.

A car named Hustler? Japan's brand names raise eyebrows

[2013-12-25 10:56]

Plucking words from foreign dictionaries without checking how they might be received by native speakers appears to be a habit at Japanese companies.

Digital innovation too slow, IT heads tell safety summit

[2013-12-23 07:44]

IT company executives, road safety researchers, automotive company leaders, industry observers and media representatives shared their opinions