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China cements role as global mediator

Updated: 2012-12-28 03:05
By Cheng Guangjin ( China Daily)

In a strife-torn world burdened by a global economic downturn, China has become more deeply involved in the resolution of regional and international conflicts, indicating its emergence as a mediator.

Since the "Arab Spring", China has used its veto power several times in the United Nations Security Council and played a constructive role in the mediation of the ongoing crisis in Syria.

China cements role as global mediator

China's peacekeeping medical team on parade at its base in southern Lebanon in May. LIU SHUN / XINHUA

China is one of the six parties involved in the talks on the Iranian nuclear issue and has been a major contributor to the recovery from the global economic crisis.

The size of China's economy and its growing influence on the world stage have gradually molded the country into a mediator in regional and international issues, analysts said.

"As the largest developing economy, China should assume more responsibility in global governance," said Yu Keping, deputy director of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

In recent years, the Chinese government and academics have paid increasing attention to how China should participate in the governance of international affairs, Yu said at a forum in Beijing recently.

More participation in such issues within its capability will also help China maintain a peaceful environment, which is necessary for its own development, many analysts said.

In the past year, China's mediation efforts paid off in working toward a resolution of the crisis in Syria, although some critics said China's mediation role runs counter to its non-interference principle.

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