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A cruise down fifth avenue, with little to show for it

[2015-12-05 08:00]

Nov 11's American cousin, Black Friday, has a few things to commend it, but one big failing

Eyewitnesses recall the past for posterity

[2015-10-31 08:40]

More survivors of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre will be interviewed this year as part of a collaborative oral history project being jointly conducted by Chinese and US research institutes.

Luxury is in the wallet of the beholder

[2015-10-31 11:51]

China goes on holiday, and the retailers of the world rejoice.

When it comes to equality, the joke really is on men

[2015-10-31 08:50]

Female comedians are forced to work harder to get laughs and respect

The day the chatter finally stopped

[2015-09-19 08:19]

Sorrow over a relationship that had promised to connect me with the world.

On an idyllic holiday, questions of population become a weighty matter

[2015-09-19 08:19]

Many Chinese born before 1979, like me, are sensitive to the population issue.

How that gadget of yours can turn a getaway into just a virtual holiday

[2015-09-05 08:03]

I have long wondered whether smartphones and other mobile devices are changing our lives for the worse, robbing us of the time that should be spent engaging with the real world.

Before sun, sand and lots of fun, torture by flight delay

[2015-08-15 08:31]

It seems that air travel in China is becoming the ordeal you must endure as a prerequisite for that well deserved holiday you are setting out on.

It's all kicking off for soccer

[2015-08-15 08:31]

When I arrived in China, almost seven years ago now, the typical response I received after telling a local soccer fan which team I support was, "Who?"

Students in favor of more practical learning

[2015-07-25 10:30]

Today's students are being unshackled from their desks and their books in favor of more practical learning.

The sad adventures of a crazy bull

[2015-07-25 10:25]

If you really want to know how someone ticks, get them to put some money into the stock market.

Bollywood and bonhomie

[2015-07-04 08:37]

Indian movie makers look to compete for greater attention from Chinese audiences after a recent success

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