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My father, his neck and the 21 housemaids

[2016-07-23 07:45]

Finding the right person to lend a hand around the home can be a chore and a half.

In twilight years, learning remains a joy

[2016-07-09 07:32]

We owe it to old people to encourage them to do more than dance and dote on grandchildren

Teamwork or torture? Japan's gym class

[2016-05-14 07:46]

Serious injuries to children prompt calls for a ban.

In race against others and the clock, many put bodies at risk

[2016-04-23 12:05]

Plea for long-distance athletes to run more safely and intelligently.

Spring Festival: A marriage of mirth and misery

[2016-01-30 07:22]

It's that time of year when all over China those of a particular age wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night worrying about what is about to befall them.

Beijing or not Beijing: That is the question

[2015-12-26 17:03]

From the pall of pollution, issues of survival and lifestyle arise.

Studying abroad helps shatter cultural barriers

[2015-12-26 16:52]

Study abroad is a useful lens for diplomacy. Each nation must fully understand the other's perspective.

A bookworm's joy in living on borrowed time

[2015-12-26 16:46]

Recent research has found that Chinese are now spending more time reading digital material than books and magazines. An adult reads 40 minutes a day on WeChat, and on average people read 4.6 books last year, the research by the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication found.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek: why can't fans get along?

[2015-12-19 12:41]

"May the Force be with you" vs. "Live Long and Prosper", lightsabers vs. phasers, warp drive vs. hyperdrive. The fan debate over which story, technology, space ships and characters are superior started a long time ago.

As 'Star Wars' returns, a new generation quakes

[2015-12-19 12:12]

As The Force Awakens makes its way into theaters, moviegoers and critics of generations old and young will again have to wrestle with a cultural force as colossal as the Death Star.

Can Star Wars pull Malaysian art form out of the shadows?

[2015-12-19 11:01]

Shadow puppets have role in bridging old and new technologies.

Cyber Monday sales top $3 billion as discounts spur buyers

[2015-12-05 08:02]

Shopping through mobile devices soared on Cyber Monday, accounting for more than a quarter of the $3 billion in sales, but many online retailers struggled to get visitors using smartphones and tablets to shop as much as those using desktops.

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