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Chinese culture scoring points abroad with mahjong

[2014-11-01 07:41]

A joke in Sichuan province says passengers aboard any plane descending upon the capital, Chengdu, will hear clicks and clacks.

Thoughts on women's safety in China

[2014-10-25 07:39]

China's streets are famously safe for women, including foreign women.

Long-distance runner's sad lot: a bad air day

[2014-10-25 07:39]

A marathon run in thick smog highlights in ironic relief the plague of air pollution that is choking Chinese cities.

Exchanges help us understand people

[2014-10-18 05:58]

At first, it seemed like we'd come to the mosque for nothing.

The anguish and the anxiety

[2014-10-18 05:58]

I am neither of the East nor the West, and Beijing brings home to me painfully how tiny Singapore is.

It's time to treat the 'smaller issues' seriously

[2014-09-27 07:26]

I set a goal for this month at the end of last month, and it is to clean up my apartment. The obstacle here is to throw away stuff that I am attached to but is useless in the eyes of everyone else.

When artist and patron are one

[2014-09-27 07:26]

The rise or fall of an official career may affect one's sideline or hobby, especially when fame from the avocation is buttressed by the power of the position.

Posters provide window into 'cultural revolution'

[2014-09-20 11:41]

The museum of propaganda art is perhaps a rare public place where posters from the "cultural revolution" (1966-76) can still be viewed.

When sex brings down the rich and famous

[2014-09-20 11:40]

A celebrated filmmaker caught in flagrante delicto with a prostitute is a catalyst for debate. Armchair psychologists and traditionalists go head to head over the issue.

Conflict and community

[2014-09-13 07:19]

The girl was there because her leg was gone.

Goodbye icecream, hello I stream

[2014-09-13 07:19]

It is time for filmmakers to take a serious look at streaming-enabled platforms. Video websites used to be a hotbed for pirated content. Video websites are turning into an alternative venue for mass viewing.

Eat, drink, and stay slim

[2014-09-06 08:13]

Mooncakes, hairy crabs and Chinese yellow wine; these are the things that automatically come to when one's thoughts turn to the Mid-autumn Festival dinner.

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