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Back to the future of print

[2014-08-30 07:22]

When I took stock of my recent reading, it occurred to me that I haven't read a single e-book this year.

Selfies and the art of staying within limits

[2014-08-30 10:37]

Security cameras in public spaces can help law enforcement officers in identifying criminals, but it gains an ironic twist when photos of wrongdoings are taken and made public by the criminals themselves.

How to build the best CV

[2014-08-23 07:45]

Fresh-faced graduates aren't the only jobseekers who should be dusting off their CVs. Whether you've recently lost a job, are looking for promotion or a career change, you can improve your CV using the advice here.

Bittersweet halves face crisis of identity

[2014-08-23 07:43]

A China posting is prized among foreign professionals these days.

A wake-up call for the Western world

[2014-08-16 08:33]

"Sleep is for the weekend." That phrase, delivered with monotonous regularity by my former boss in the UK - a driven man, reputed to work 15 hours a day, seven days a week - often crosses my mind as I walk around Beijing.

No standing in the way of 'progress'

[2014-08-16 08:33]

Earlier this month, 72 newsstands in Beijing's Chaoyang district were dismantled amid reports of sporadic scuffles between proprietors and those sent by the local authority to enforce the new rule.

The bling and hollow ring of ill-gotten gains

[2014-08-09 07:28]

A one-woman wrecking ball who shattered the credibility of a well-known charity symbolizes everything that's wrong with modern Chinese society.

A rose by any other name?

[2014-08-09 14:43]

In three months, I'll have to decide whether to change my name. Should I adopt my new husband's surname, hyphenate it with my last name, or keep things just as they've been for three decades?

An uncomfortable new journey to the west

[2014-07-25 16:15]

News of a US adaptation of a beloved Chinese fantasy tale is unsettling many people in China. But it is a positive sign of Chinese culture being accepted by a growing populace around the world.

A rose by any other name?

[2014-08-02 07:43]

When I came to China five years ago, I was surprised and often amused by the English names adopted by the Chinese people I met.

Home thoughts after eight years in Beijing

[2014-07-25 16:12]

I knew it'd be the last time I'd see him alive. Grandpa did, too.

Education and the purpose of philanthropy

[2014-08-02 07:43]

Philanthropy is generally not a hotbed for controversy. But here in China you are watched closely if you hold your purse strings tight or let your money flow, and, in the latest case, the direction in which your money flows may also be a cause for concern.

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