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Quotes of the Day: Oct 24

Updated: 2013-10-25 09:20
By Yan Weijue (

Petra Kvitova: (on which court she has the best chance to beat Serena) Well, it showed today I don't think so. I had a better match against her in Doha, but, yeah, I mean, I think she likes indoors, too. She can have a big serve indoor/outdoor. I think for her it doesn't really matter. I don't think that being indoors helped me a lot today, so I don't know.

Serena Williams: (on whether she has tennis dreams or nightmares) I have a recurring nightmare that's always during Grand Slam finals. Not every time, but a lot of the time. I dream that I leave, I'm in Australia and I leave the country to go do something in the States, and I don't make it back in time.

Li Na: (on how she feels about tonight's three-set win) So of course it was tight, yeah, but at least it was better than the last two years, because now it's one foot in the semis but another foot still outside the door, so I have to see how it goes tomorrow.

Agnieszka Radwanska: (on how she deals with loss in general) Well, I think it depends. I think every loss is a little bit different. You know, you feel different when you lose, I don't know, the semifinal of a Grand Slam or second round of the international tournament. I think this is different losses. You deal with this differently.

Jelena Jankovic: (on how she will prepare for different scenarios in her group tomorrow) Yeah, but like it is for me, it is for everyone other than Serena, who has won every match. You know, I just have to - even though I lost today, I think I played a great match. So there is no reason for me to put my head down or be negative and disappointed. Just, you know, learn from my mistakes that I did today and move on. There is another day tomorrow, and I have to work hard tomorrow too to put myself into position to be playing the semis. So when you're playing this format, every match counts, every set counts, and you have to fight hard. It's not like in the other tournaments where, when you lose, you're out of the tournament. Here you lose a match, you still can win the tournament.

Angelique Kerber: (on preparation for tomorrow's match against Kvitova) Yeah, tomorrow it will be the next tough match, and, you know, I will just try to play like today, go out there, try to enjoy it, having fun and try very good tennis and be focused from the first point and moving very well.