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  • Left-side scroll wheel, extremely good!

    2013-11-14 12:16

    A new mouse with a left-side scroll wheel, developed by Shenzhen Extremely Good Technology Co to eliminate finger pain during extended use, will debut at the 15th China High-Tech Fair.

  • Shenzhen Youyang’s indoor LED lighting

    2013-11-14 12:04

    Shenzhen Youyang Technology Co is committed to providing high-quality indoor LED lighting products and improving eye health for Chinese people.

  • Toy robot

    2013-11-14 10:53

    The toy robot can respond to rhythmic taps and move in the direction of the sound. It is a sound recorder and converter. It is also a cute music player.

  • Bullet train

    2013-11-14 10:59

  • Super video camera

    2013-11-14 10:57

    The super video camera is small and water-proof. With a wireless remote control system, it can be applied to motion photography, such as cycling, surfing, skiing and gliding.

  • Street Furniture

    2013-11-14 10:55

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