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  • IT of China Hi-Tech Fair 2013

    2013-11-13 18:17

    The show is the largest professional one among the serial famous brand shows under China Hi-Tech Fair.

  • National Hi-tech Innovation Achievement Show

    2013-11-13 18:25

    NHTIAS is a collective display of the development and achievements of the hi-tech sector in China.

  • Foreign Group Stand Area

    2013-11-13 18:32

    The area is for small and medium-sized foreign hi-tech enterprises to display their latest technologies and products, an ideal platform for them to explore the Chinese market.

  • University Hi-tech Innovation Achievement Show

    2013-11-13 18:26

    Leading colleges and universities can organize their hi-tech companies and research institutes to show their achievements and strengths to promote the commercialization of and cooperation in technological innovations.

  • China Hi-Tech Fair—FPD & LED EXPO

    2013-11-13 18:23

    China Hi-Tech Fair—FPD & LED EXPO is specialized in exhibiting LCD, PDP,LED, OLED, FED and relating products.

  • China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON

    2013-11-13 18:19

    China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON is an important part of China Hi-Tech Fair, and become a unique professional exhibition at China Hi-Tech fair with its professional and international.

  • Exhibition of new energy and energy saving

    2013-11-13 18:14

    As the most attractive specialized show for newly-emerging brands on CHTF, it emphatically exhibits the newest technologies and application products in such fields as solar energy, semiconductor lighting, new energy vehicle, energy conservation in construction as well as other new energy, energy conservation and environment protection fields.

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