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Beijing urges greater cyberspace cooperation

[2014-09-20 08:04]

China called for cooperation with Southeast Asian countries in sharing Internet-related information to fight cyberterrorism.

Cultural kinship broadens China-ASEAN cyber co-op

[2014-09-19 17:39]

The time-honored cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) provided the two sides with more opportunities to carry forward cyber cooperation.

Chinese websites commit to public supervision

[2014-09-16 20:49]

More than 100 Chinese websites on Thursday publicized hotlines for public reports of online abuse and rumormongering, as authorities ramp up a drive to manage the Internet.

China-ASEAN expo hoped to promote discussion on developing ties: FM

[2014-09-16 10:48]

China hopes the upcoming summit between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will fuel their strategic partnership.

Cyberspace sovereignty 'should be respected'

[2014-07-18 07:08]

Global governance would make Internet peaceful, secure and open, president says

Curb rampant anti-intellectualism in cyberspace

[2014-06-20 09:37]

I have started to use WeChat, Tencent's popular instant messaging app, to communicate with family and friends back home, and I really enjoy its convenience.

Explain spying on cyberspace, Washington told

[2014-05-27 07:13]

The United States must account for its surveillance activities against other countries and stop "antagonizing" cyberspace, a Chinese government agency said in a report.

US seeking hegemony in cyberspace

[2014-03-29 07:30]

The US should also be aware that in cyberspace its leading technology may not always be No 1. If the US takes the lead to snoop information today, it may find itself suffering losses tomorrow.

China military to tighten cyberspace security

[2014-03-27 23:22]

The Chinese military will increase cyberspace security after reports of US cyber espionage against China, a Defense Ministry spokesman vowed on Thursday.

Cyberspace code of conduct

[2014-01-30 08:27]

The lack of an explicit code of conduct for cyberspace poses a threat to global security, but forging a set of rules is proving a challenging test.

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