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Sportswear for Chinese Rio Paralympics team publicized

( Updated: 2016-09-05 17:09

Sportswear for Chinese Rio Paralympics team publicized

Sportswear for Chinese Rio Paralympics team publicized

The sportswear for the opening ceremony and awards ceremony for the Chinese delegation to the Rio Paralympics was shown in Beijing on August 23. The outfits have a theme of “harmony” and “realize dreams”, and consist of dark blue suits, dark brown pants, light blue shirts, waxberry red ties and scarves.

Dark blue represents the universe and the earth, or peace and tranquility; dark brown represents nature and life, or reality and toughness; and waxberry red represents light and happiness, or liveliness and health. The mixture of these colors showcases the Olympic aims of peace, friendship and progress, the Paralympics’ idea of transcending, integration and sharing, and disabled athletes’ pursuit of happiness and self-value.

The sportswear for the awards ceremony is themed as “Chinese style”, with characteristic Chinese features and modern designs. Dragon and phoenix patterns are the basic elements. The major colors are red, purple and white.

The sportswear is provided by China’s 361° company. As an official partner of the Rio Olympics and Paralympics, 361° has been promoting the development of sports in China and around the world, and is a major supporter of sports for the disabled. Since 2010, 361° has been providing sportswear for the Chinese Paralympics delegation. This year the company is providing clothes, shoes and accessories for all Chinese staff of both Olympic Games in Rio.

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