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2016 'Charming Harbin' event to open on June 18

( Updated: 2016-07-05 16:55

The 2016 “Charming Harbin” event will open on June 18th, and end on October 10th. The 6th China•Harbin Songhua river wetlands Festival, the 2016 China•Harbin International Beer Festival, the 33rd Harbin Music Festival, and the 5th China•Wuhuashan autumn tour will all be held during “Charming Harbin”.

The wetlands festival will open on June 18th. The Sun Island Scenic Area, Golden Bay Wetlands Botanical Garden, Hulan River mouth Wetland Park, Whitefish Bubble Wetland Park, Volga Manor, and Riverside Wetland Park will be open to the public.

The beer festival will run from June 30th to July 17th in Harbin’s “Ice and Snow World” Park. There will be 11 beer tents, 16 food exhibition areas and four cultural exhibition areas. The total area of the beer festival is 600 thousand square meters.

The festival will run from August 6th to August 20th. It will showcase some of the country's outstanding instrumental and vocal concerts, among them the Schoenfeld string competition, International Accordion Art Week and other foreign classical performances.

The autumn tour will be held at the end of September. During the same period as the tour, the Jinglong mountain red leaves festival, the Phoenix Mountain camping festival, and the 6th hiking event will be held.

2016 'Charming Harbin' event to open on June 18


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