Drunken Dragon Festival in Macao

Updated: 2012-04-28 16:15


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Drunken Dragon Festival in Macao

Dancers take part in the Drunken Dragon Festival in Macao, April 28, 2012. During the dragon dance, people drink rice wine and beer while holding the head and tails of a wooden dragon. The dance is a unique folk custom celebrated by the fishmongers of Macao. Today, the Drunken Dragon Dance is more than a worshiping or entertainment activity in folk circles, as it has become a regular festive event celebrated by members of the Macao Fresh Fish and Commercial Association to unite and benefit the community. As a Macao Intangible Cultural Heritage item, the Festival of the Drunken Dragon of Macao was successfully included in the 3rd batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage in May 2011. [Source: www.macaumuseum.gov.mo]

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