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Gambling via social media concerns all

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-06-15 08:12

Gambling via social media, especially WeChat, has become rampant, with large numbers of participants and huge amounts of money involved. Beijing News commented on Tuesday:

Gambling online or on social media is a new form of internet alienation.

Such gambling is no better than the betting behavior in reality. As a matter of fact, online or WeChat gambling is more infectious and has hidden capital flows.

The public security departments should crack down on social media gambling and fraud. But as the crimes happen online, it is difficult to distinguish the original territorial jurisdiction.

However, it is still the responsibility of the police to intervene and initiate an investigation.

As for the platform service providers, they should fulfill their statutory obligation of reporting crimes and providing evidence. Social media users should also help to curb online gambling and fraud by reporting any violations of the law to the police.

The public security organs, service providers and internet users all share the responsibility to combat social media gambling and fraud.

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