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Students' punishment defeats training purpose

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-09-21 07:41

Students' punishment defeats training purpose

Freshmen were forced lie under quilts in the scorching sun. [Photo/Agencies]

More than 20 first-year female students of Hunan College of Foreign Studies were reportedly forced to wrap themselves in heavy quilts and lie on an asphalt track under the sun because they didn't keep their dormitories tidy as required during the mandatory military training. Comments:

It's time we reviewed the heavy physical training as well as the outdated punishment methods for college students, because such practices have failed to cultivate patriotism among students. Besides, they do not conform to the demands of military modernization.

Chongqing Times, Sept 18

It is not right to treat normal college students as soldiers and hand out military-style punishments to them even if they are undergoing the mandatory military training.

Forcing the students to wrap themselves in quilts and lie under the late summer sun is over-punishment. What the drillmaster did to the 20 female students constitutes physical abuse, and could cause serious mental and physical damage to them.

Bohai Morning Post, Sept 18

To instill the sense of discipline in freshmen, the military training has to be made reasonable. The process should be such that students enjoy it and readily accept the rigorous physical exercise. If severe physical punishment becomes routine, students might develop a deeper aversion to the training. The Hunan college incident should not be allowed to happen again elsewhere., Sept 18

The punishment is a violation of not only what the military training is aimed at, but also education norms. The brutal punishment has tarnished the image of Chinese colleges and universities as a whole, because it has revealed the flawed management system adopted by many higher education providers. It is far worse than an untidy dormitories and demands some serious thinking.

For students, better education management is as important as having stronger bodies.

Nanning Evening News, Sept 18

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