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Should teachers accept gifts from students?

( Updated: 2015-09-07 08:08

Editor's note: Many parents have to think hard about what to give their children's teachers on Teachers' Day, which falls on Sept 10 this year. Should teachers accept these gifts from parents or their students? Share your views with us.

Ave (UK)

I find the concept of Teachers' Day a bit odd actually. It is not something that happens in the UK as far as I know. In the UK, acceptance of gifts by teachers is strictly prohibited, especially gifts that have been purchased or giving cash as gift.

Obviously, if a child bestows a gift that they have made or the proverbial 'apple for teacher' then that is different, that can be considered an act of endearment. To refuse in this case would probably do more harm than good.

Should teachers accept gifts from students?

A students takes two bunches of flowers to school for his teachers on the 29th Teachers' Day in 2013.[Photo/IC]

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