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Made in China

By rkn ( Updated: 2015-10-09 16:06
Made in China

A Chinese worker assembles a new energy car on the assembly line at an auto plant in Zouping county, East China's Shandong province, Dec 16, 2014. [Photo / IC] 

It’s innovative, it’s economical, it’s got quality, and it’s made in China. From electrical appliances to bags, toys, dresses, even foodstuffs, made in China products are part of our everyday life.

Not only do made in China products contribute in making our world a relatively more comfortable place but they also provide jobs to a countless number of people across the world.  

Our world will probably be a much more difficult place than it currently is if not for made in China products. For instance, I went to a shopping mall and noticed the electrical appliances in one shop, they are virtually all made in China. I visited another shop and the story was similar. I thought to myself; "it would be better if the shop owners just changed their exotic names to Made in China Shop 1 and Made in China Shop 2". The message was clear; people all over the world believe in made in China goods and patronize them. 

Recently, the Government of China made an announcement about upgrading its industries  from  low-end  to  higher-end. Evidence of that can already be seen in the manufacturing sector where China is now involved in building bullet trains, ships, robots and even aeroplanes. The recent contract awarded to China over Japan in building Indonesia’s high speed train is a testament to the fact that people believe in made in China products and what they represent. The same can be said of Malaysia where China was awarded a contract to supply bullet trains to the country. 

One truth remains that "Made in China" is good and it is here to stay. It came at a cost to the country but has indeed helped alleviate poverty while providing jobs for people all over the world. That is a good thing and one worthy of praise. The next time you visit a shop, you might want to take a look at the name of the country where the item you are buying is coming from. Chances are that it is probably built, grown, fed or made in China.

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