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Are school uniforms necessary?

( Updated: 2015-05-15 07:16

Editor's Note: Most Chinese primary and middle schools require their students to wear uniforms for classes. Many students have complain that the uniforms "kill" their personalities. Share your views on our website.

carter101 (China)

Both boys and girls will be distracted if they are allowed to wear whatever they like. A girl who spends about 40 minutes or even longer in the morning getting ready for school but fails to do her homework, in my opinion needs to re look at her priorities. Are all girls like this? No, but in my opinion it's a valid argument. It is about our kids getting an education and making sure any and all "distractions" are dealt with accordingly.

Are school uniforms necessary?

Guangqumen Middle school students take part in a school uniform fashion show in Beijing. [Photo/IC]

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