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China upholds UN's role

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-02-16 08:36

China upholds UN's role

Soldiers attend the ceremony. The battalion will be deployed in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and assume the task of protecting civilians, UN and humanitarian staff, and will conduct patrolling and security missions. [Photo/Weibo account of PLA Daily]

As the rotating presidency country of the United Nations Security Council, China will continue to make unswerving efforts to promote world peace, says an article in People's Daily.

Every member of the UN should implement the organization's spirit and principle of peaceful co-existence, so as to prevent wars, which was the initial purpose of setting up the international organization after World War II.

As a co-founder of the UN and a permanent member of its Security Council, China has always undertaken its responsibilities and obligations for the world, and actively participated in the UN's works and contributed to the security and the common development of all humans.

China has sent about 30,000 staff and professionals to fulfill 30 UN peacekeeping projects, and, among the five Security Council permanent members, it is the country contributing the most personnel for UN peacekeeping missions.

With its fast development for more than 30 years, China has created many opportunities for the world's common development, and it has been a continuous and strong driver for global economic growth.

China always upholds and defends the UN Charter and principles, and has thwarted some countries' schemes to turn the UN into a tool to preserve their own interests.

China always proposes solving disputes through dialogue, and it is against using military power as a threat. It serves as neutral ballast solving conflicts and disputes.

China calls on all UN members to take the common but differentiated responsibilities in addressing the global challenges, such as climate change and the governance of cyberspace.

This year is the 70th anniversary of the UN's establishment and victory in the war against fascism. China actively proposes and takes part in the commemorative activities of the UN and the other UN members.

Learning from the past can help avoid wars in the future.

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