Chinese street foods you must not miss

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Editor's note: If you plan to visit China, one of the things that you should put in your must-do list is to taste Chinese food - not just from the fancy restaurants but also from the street vendors. You should, however, avoid the street food if it looks unclean and unhygienic. Some of our bloggers list their favorite foods during their culinary adventures in China. You're welcome to share your thoughts with us.

Queensparta (Kenya)

Street food?! Love it love it love it! It's everywhere and I do mean literally everywhere. You don't have to walk down to the corner or to the market to have a taste of these delicious treats. My favorites:

Kaolengmian (烤冷面):Made from some kind of noodle rolled out into a thin slab, this treat is sure to leave your mouth watering after the first taste.. I've had kaolengmian cravings in the middle of the night and first thing I did the next morning, get up, wash up, dress up and briskly walk down the street to get me some. It's braised with egg and you have your choice of onion and parsley and some kind of Chinese sausage as a filling. They can make it spicy, sweet, sweet and sour, extra salty, extra sour whatever the flavor you desire lightly fried on a flat iron plate. All for just 5 kuai!

Chinese street foods you must not miss

Chinese street foods you must not miss  Chinese street foods you must not miss Chinese street foods you must not miss
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