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Test for anti-corruption drive

Updated: 2014-01-03 08:34
( China Daily)

A psychological assessment handbook has reportedly been designed in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, to test civil servants' occupational risks in order to prevent corruption and duty related crimes. But the public doubts whether such a handbook can realize the goal, because the test questions are naive and of low level, says an article on Excerpts:

The aim of the assessment test is to check civil servants' potential to get involved in corruption, because many corrupt and potentially corrupt officials share similar mental experiences.

The handbook has 34 test questions such as: "Do you want to have an extra-marital affair?" and "Do you agree with the view that 'officials should use their power before it expires'?"

Such superficial questions cannot elicit truthful answers and, hence, they will not allow the authorities to determine whether officials are prone to corruption. To avoid further investigations, nearly all officials will choose "no" as answers to the example questions mentioned above and can easily hide their real intentions.

Moreover, many corrupt officials can pretend to be honest and good performers in the public and carry on their corrupt activities on the sly. Therefore, such disguise and faking cannot be exposed through a simple test.

Although experts say such a test can instill fear in corrupt and potentially corrupt officials and compel them to stay away from illegal activities, the public feels the move could be more effective if the authorities also used suitable regulations to force officials to declare their assets and strengthen social supervision. Besides, the questionnaire should be carefully and scientifically designed to elicit real answers.

(China Daily 01/03/2014 page9)