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New leaders confident in fulfilling responsibilities

(China Daily) Updated: 2012-11-16 08:04

In a leadership transition that has caught the attention of the world, the Communist Party of China has smoothly handed over helmsmanship to the new CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping and his colleagues.

Now the world is curious about the "qualified answer sheet" that Xi promised, on behalf of his team, to submit "to the people and to history".

The Party's confidence was what has impressed us most throughout the just-completed leadership transition. The entire report former CPC general secretary Hu Jintao delivered to the 18th National Congress of the CPC was permeated with confidence. The high-profile confidence displayed in the path chosen, the theories serving as the CPC's compass for action, as well as the country's systems was a clear sign that the Party has more confidence in its helmsmanship than ever before. So too were the commitments to adhering to socialism with Chinese characteristics and to balance efficiency and fairness.

Confidence was also obvious in the CPC's reflections on the "one country, two systems" mechanism, as well as on the country's relations with the rest of the world. The statement in Hu's report that "the weak being the prey of the strong is not the right way for humanity's coexistence, wantonly engaging in military ventures cannot bring about a beautiful world" was a declaration that this country is confident in its path of peaceful development and that it will be a power that brings benefits to mankind.

Confidence was also evident in the way the relay baton was handed over. That former CPC general secretary and central military commission chairman Hu Jintao resigned from both positions at the same time has been aptly read as full confidence in the Party's new leaders.

As they bid farewell to the forefront of national leadership, Hu Jintao and his retiring CPC colleagues deserve congratulations and thanks for what they have brought about and left behind. They have given us plenty of reasons to be confident.

We as a nation would not have been as proud and confident without the steady and robust progress the country has achieved during the 10 years under their leadership.

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