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China backs UN peacekeeping reform

By Hong Xiao at the United Nations (China Daily USA) Updated: 2017-09-21 11:33

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council and the largest developing country, China knows how precious peace is.

The remark was made by China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi at meeting on UN peacekeeping efforts on Wednesday at UN headquarters in New York.

Wang said China supports the rational and necessary reform of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

During the meeting, the Security Council reaffirmed the primary role of nations in preventing conflict, unanimously adopting resolution 2378 (2017) on peacekeeping reform.

On behalf of China, Wang welcomed the unanimous adoption of the resolution.

Wang said United Nations peacekeeping operations were currently facing many new problems and new challenges and China supports the reforms necessary to empower them to better fulfill their missions.

Wang called the principles of the UN Charter the basis for peacekeeping efforts and China believed, he said, that the basic principles of international relations - sovereign equality, non-interference in internal affairs and peaceful settlement of disputes - should always be strictly followed.

Wang pointed out that advancing political settlement, mainstream partnerships and sustainable development makes a sound strategy for peace.

In recent years, the efforts of some African countries to safeguard peace and security have been challenged, he said. And the international community, especially the UN, should strengthen cooperation with the African Union (AU) by providing timely and effective help.

Wang suggested bolstering political and financial support so African countries can solve their problems independently in their own way.

China supports the AU's funding program for peacekeeping operations, he said. "We hope that the Security Council will, as soon as possible, come up with specific measures to support the AU's autonomous peacekeeping operations," said Wang.

China has always firmly supported and actively participated in the United Nations peacekeeping operations, he said. China is not only an important troop-contributing country in peacekeeping operations, it is also the second largest fund-contributing country, he said. China has sent a total of about 35,000 troops and 2,700 police to participate in various operations.

In 2015, President Xi Jinping proposed new initiatives to strengthen UN peacekeeping operations and those initiatives are being actively implemented.

China backs UN peacekeeping reform

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