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(China Daily) Updated: 2017-07-17 07:29


Kidnappings hit restive island

Suspected Abu Sayyaf gunmen abducted four workers from a school in a southern Philippine province where President Rodrigo Duterte visited troops waging an offensive against the militants, officials said on Sunday. About 20 militants barged into a grade school compound in Sulu province's Patikul town shortly after midnight on Saturday and seized six painters and carpenters, one of whom managed to escape and alerted the police. Army troops later rescued another worker.


Sanitation workers die in capital

Four sanitation workers were killed due to suffocation while attempting to clean an underground pit meant for rainwater harvesting in the Indian capital New Delhi, police said on Sunday. The incident took place in south Delhi's Ghitorni area on Saturday. "Yesterday five sanitation workers went down to clean an underground pit in a household but did not come out. They were later pulled out in an unconscious state by fire department personnel," a police official said. "Apparently it seems they have inhaled some toxic gas inside the tank."

United States

Sinkhole stops growing in Florida

A sinkhole that swallowed a boat and destroyed two homes had stopped growing and officials said on Saturday they would monitor it over the weekend before determining when cleanup can begin. The hole has been stagnant since Friday afternoon, said Kevin Guthrie, Pasco County's assistant administrator for public safety. He confirmed that the hole, which is 76 meters wide and 15 meters deep, is the largest in three decades in the county, which has a history of sinkholes.


Eight killed in soccer stampede

Witnesses said at least eight people have died and more than 50 were injured after a stadium wall collapse and stampede at a soccer match in the Senegalese capital. Those present said fighting broke out late on Saturday between rival fans of US Ouakam and Stade de Mbour and the wall at the Demba Diop stadium in Dakar collapsed as police also fired tear gas.

United States

Selfie causes $200,000 damage

A woman caused around $200,000 in damage when she knocked over about 10 pieces of artwork when taking a selfie at an exhibition in Los Angeles. Video captured by a surveillance camera showed that the woman attempted to take a photo with one of the displayed artworks. When she crouched down to get the best angle, she suddenly fell backward and knocked one over, causing a domino effect.


66 arrested in horsemeat scandal

Europol said on Sunday 66 people had been arrested for trading horsemeat unfit for human consumption and it had seized bank accounts, properties and cars following an investigation into a food scandal that shocked European consumers. Tests carried out in Ireland in 2013 showed that meat in some products labeled as beef was in fact up to 100 percent horsemeat.

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