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(China Daily) Updated: 2017-05-30 07:50


Paramilitaries move on key town

A spokesman for the Iraqi government-sanctioned paramilitary force says the troops are moving to capture a key town beyond the city of Mosul, near the Syrian border. Shiite lawmaker, Karim al-Nouri, said the mainly Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces seeks to drive Islamic State militants out of the center of strategic Baaj, west of Mosul near the border with Syria. Al-Nouri told The Associated Press on Monday that many of the surrounding villages have already been taken from IS.

United Kingdom

Travelers face 3rd day of delays

Travelers on British Airways and its sister airlines in Spain faced a third day of delays and cancellations Monday, mainly on short-haul flights in Europe, after the company suffered a colossal IT failure over the weekend. BA chief executive Alex Cruz said late on Sunday that the airline was running a "near-full operation" at London's Gatwick Airport and planned to operate all scheduled long-haul services from Heathrow.


PM Abe denies pressure on school

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday denied allegations that he had put pressure on the government so that an institution run by his friend could open a new, heavily subsidized school. Abe was quoted as telling a parliamentary session that he had not used his or his office's clout to "exert pressure on the government" so that school operator Kake Educational Institution could launch a new veterinary medicine department at the Okayama University of Science.

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