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CIC eyes healthy prospects in US

By Duan Tingand Yang Ziman in Hong Kong (China Daily USA) Updated: 2017-01-17 11:30

The head of China's sovereign wealth fund said on Monday that it is eyeing rich investment opportunities in the United States as president-elect Donald Trump plans to expand the nation's infrastructure programs.

Ding Xuedong, chairman of China Investment Corp, said the fund is planning to increase its investment in private equity, hedge funds, high-tech and infrastructure construction in the US.

"China and the US should improve economic inclusion to cooperate more with each other, develop new technology, enhance connectivity and increase investment in infrastructure construction," said Ding.

About 40 percent of CIC's total US dollar investment, which is equal to more than $200 billion, is being used to invest in the public market including alternative investments, Ding said Ding at the 10th Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong.

Ding said that the new US administration will expand the fiscal deficit to increase investment in infrastructure construction, which creates opportunities for CIC's investment in the area.

"I estimate that the US needs at least $8 trillion for its infrastructure construction. The US government and private capital fall far short of the investment needed. They will have to rely on outside investors, which gives us a lot of direct investment opportunities in the country," he said.

"The Chinese economy is expected to grow by at least 6.5 percent this year. The US economy is expected to warm up. As bulk commodity prices show signs of increasing, emerging countries such as Russia and Brazil will exit from recession step by step. All these factors bode well for China's outbound investment," said Ding.

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