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Harmony in humanity and harmony with nature, the core of traditional Chinese wisdom, are deeply embedded in POWERCHINA's business philosophy.[more]

Message from Chairman

Updated: 2013-06-27

Message from Chairman

Yan Zhiyong, Chairman of POWERCHINA

Harmony among human beings and harmony with nature - the core of traditional Chinese wisdom - are deeply embedded in POWERCHINA's business philosophy, and we strive to create synergy between business growth and human development.

POWERCHINA possesses the full-range of capabilities, from planning, survey, design and engineering to finance, construction, installation, and operation and maintenance of power and infrastructure projects. As an industrial leader in hydropower and water conservancy, we always promote technological innovation and we always communicate with both domestic and international leaders in our field to learn from their experience and adopt the best practices. In addition, we listen to the requirements of our clients and partners and have achieved much success around the world.
The definition of "success" in business should never only be defined as the economic benefits for the corporations involved. Our contribution to local communities is also a crucial indicator. In our business operations, we create job opportunities, transmit knowledge to local people, and initiate activities to support local education. Due to the nature of our services and products, an increasing number of local people are now enjoying better roads, bridges, airports, railways, and housing as well as more stable power supply - thus creating a better business climate.
The best way to maintain harmony with nature is to minimize our carbon footprint - and all our projects feature eco-friendly measures and techniques. It is our steadfast pursuit to deliver services and products of best quality.
We aim to become a top global enterprise in renewable energy and the development of hydropower resources, a key player in the infrastructure sector, and a driving force in China's power and water conservancy industries, and we also hope to become an important participant in real estate development and operations.
In an era of globalization and win-win cooperation, POWERCHINA, by following global rules and ethics, is committed to harmonious business development. We believe that a synchronized advancement of the local community, nature and business is the best gift that we can offer to the world and to future generations.