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Padma river channel improvement in Bangladesh

It is the largest river channel improvement project of the world.[more]

Sustainable Development

Updated: 2013-06-24

The company will follow the strategic principle of "stressing harmonious development and fulfilling social responsibilities," uphold the sustainable development strategy of "helping improve the livelihood of locals and contributing to social development," be persistent in the mission of "promoting clean energy, creating an ecologically friendly environment, and serving smart cities," adhere to the cooperation concept of "win-win cooperation and mutually beneficial development," with the aim of expanding its business in overseas countries while also boosting local economic growth, benefiting locals, establishing friendships, and building its positive brand image. It is also devoted to transforming itself into a top company in the world and establishing an outstanding brand worldwide.

Furthermore, POWERCHINA is committed to helping promote the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, organizing overseas employers to participate in local construction and integrate with local communities through volunteer services. It has set up the Overseas Volunteer Association, sub-associations, and volunteer service groups to offer voluntary services, which feature in three brand campaigns, Technology for life, Green for the Future, and Love for the World, in an effort to help locals overcome difficulties, facilitate the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, and carry out social corporate responsibility. The efforts include helping those in difficulty or danger, donation work, offering financial aid to students, and providing free renovation services.