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Thermal Power

Updated: 2013-06-27

Gansu Huating Power Plant

This plant has a planned total capacity of 2 x 145 MW plus 2 x 1000 MW, and the 2 x 145 MW project, completed in May 2007, is Gansu's first power generating unit adopting the air-cooled technique and CFB boiler.

It greatly cuts emission and protects the environment, and cuts water consumption by 4-million t/year, with a water saving of 86 percent. Its electric precipitation is above 99.96 percent, reducing emission by 1,258 tons of dust and smoke, 2,434 tons of SO2 and 2,361.6 tons of NOX. No industrial waste water is discharged. The Phase II of the Huating power plant, the 2 x 1000 MW project, was part of an agreement reached at the 15th Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair on 12 June, 2009, as a key investment project in Gansu province.

Thermal Power