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Updated: 2013-06-25

Power and New Energy Development

By the end of 2012, the installed capacity of electric power in China reached 1,144,910 MW, of which hydropower constituting 21.7 percent, or 248,900 MW (20,310 MW from pumped storage), thermal power 71.5 percent, or 819,170 MW (758,110 MW from coal-fired plants, 38,270 from gas-fired plants), nuclear power at 12,570 MW, grid-connected wind power, 60,830 MW, and grid-connected solar power, 3,280 MW.

POWERCHINA is the recognized authority in China in terms of the management of technologies in hydropower, wind power and solar power and an authoritative institution for technologies in thermal power and power transmission and transformation, with more than 20,000 professionals working in the fields of planning, investigation, design, consultation and research of hydropower, water resource, thermal power, and power transformation and transmission projects.

POWERCHINA has completed or is conducting studies and planning on more than 80 percent of China's hydropower projects and more than 50 percent of its wind farm projects.

The installed capacity of POWERCHINA-designed hydropower plants accounts for 70 percent of the nation’s total. The total installed capacity of hydropower stations currently at the planning and design stage is above 140,000MW. POWERCHINA has undertaken safety appraisal for 70 percent of the total number of hydropower stations in China. POWERCHINA has also made designs for thermal power project with a total installed capacity of 310,000 MW; and a total of 400,000 kilometers of 220kV or higher transmission lines; and 220kV or higher substations with a total capacity of 903 million kVA. POWERCHINA has also provided consulting services for 60 percent of China's wind farms.

POWERCHINA is at the highest level in water conservation projects in China, and act as a major force in river harnessing and hydropower development. POWERCHINA has built more than 100 gigantic hydropower plants, including the one at the Three-Gorges on the Yangtze River, the Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba on the Jinsha River, and the Xiaowan on the Lancang River. The capacity of POWERCHINA-built hydropower plants accounts for more than 70 percent of the nation’s total and that of plants under construction exceeds 50,000 MW.

POWERCHINA has accumulated rich experience in installation of various generating units and equipments for thermal power, wind power, gas power generation, solar power, and nuclear power, and power transmission and distribution projects and has built thermal-power generating units with a total capacity of 399,000MW (48.7 percent of the nation’s total), 31,700 km of 110kV- or higher transmission lines (some still under construction), 780 substations and converter stations of 110 kV or higher, and more than 6,000 wind turbine generating systems of various types. POWERCHINA has also undertaken China’s first biomass power generating project and a number of solar power projects.

POWERCHINA has carried out many scientific researches in the fields of hydro power, thermal power, wind power and new energy resource. It has played a crucial role in development of technical standards for China’s hydropower and wind power industries and formulated many technical standards for thermal power and power transformation and transmission. It is a world leader in high/low pressure thermal power plants, air-cooled generator units, UHVAC-DC power transmission and transformation, ancillary works for nuclear power , natural gas, shale gas, garbage power, solar power, wind power, biomass power, geo-thermal power and distributed energy equipment, and has been entrusted by the National Energy Administration to review designs of hydropower projects with an installed capacity of more than 250 MW and wind and solar power projects with an installed capacity of 50 MW or higher.

POWERCHINA has had its member companies involved in nuclear power construction projects quite early. They completed the installation work for the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant (China's first) and the installation of island of the Ling’ao Nuclear Power Plant. A number of the member companies are qualified for work on nuclear pressure retaining components and have taken part in construction of 27 nuclear power projects. They are fully competent to installation work of conventional island of nuclear power projects as well as installation work of BOP.


POWERCHINA has worked on highways, railways, urban rail transit systems, airport terminals and runways, water projects and housing all over the world, in various ways, such as construction, procurement and construction (PC), engineer - procure + construct (EPC), build - operate - transfer (BOT), and build - transfer (BT).

Equipment manufacturing

POWERCHINA produces many types of products with their own characteristics, for example: hydraulic steel gates that are used all over the world in water resource and hydropower projects for flood and flow control at intakes; boiler feed pumps, fans, and coal mills in extensive use at thermal power plants throughout the world; stacker-reclaimers, ship loaders, un-loaders and wagon tippers used at ports and harbors at home and abroad; docks, power plants, steel works, chemical plants, and cement factories; electric power fittings, steel towers, switchgears, transformers, and utility poles for power transmission projects; special vehicles for railway and highway construction sites and for the mining, metallurgy, and chemical industries and at harbors and docks; welding materials for the power and petrochemical industries, ship-building, airports, bridges and machine manufacturing; and pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes with US technology for water resource and public works.