Asia's largest desert reservoir to be expanded2016-02-22

The largest desert reservoir in Asia, Hongyashan, in northwest China's Gansu province, will expand its storage by 49 percent to ease desertification in region.

Traditional folk performance in Gansu province2016-02-18

Villagers in Weiyuan county, Dingxi city, Gansu province perform in Shehuo, a collection of traditional folk shows.

Baiyin city's People's Congress closes2016-02-02

The Eighth Session of Baiyin city’s Sixth People's Congress closed on Jan 28.

Cooperative helps farmers shake off poverty2016-02-01

The 32 low income families in Caoyingzi village, Longnan city, Gansu province received a year-end bonus from the local cooperative on Jan 29.

Gansu to build 2,000 rural post offices in 20162016-01-27

The Gansu Provincial Postal Administration has announced that Gansu province expects to build 2,000 village post offices to boost its rural e-commerce in 2016.

Spring Festival couplets marks upcoming festival in Baiyin2016-01-26

Four calligraphers from Baiyin city’s Painting and Calligraphy Association for the Elderly wrote more than 300 couplets to celebrate the upcoming festival.

Baiyin holds art show to celebrate New Year2016-01-25

Baiyin city, Gansu province held a classics reciting performance on Jan 10 to mark the New Year.

Gansu offers tax refund to inbound travelers2016-01-22

The Gansu provincial government will open duty-free stores at Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport and Dunhuang Airport to boost tourism in 2016.

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