Provincial Development Zones and Industrial Centers

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Updated: 2013-12-11

1. Lanzhou Lianhai Development Zone: prioritizes power generation, carbon products, electrolytic aluminum, and intensive aluminum processing, and promotes the development of a non-ferrous metallurgical industry cluster.

2. Lanzhou Yuzhong Heping Industrial Park: mainly based on non-ferrous metal materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, communication equipment, plastic products, forging and other industries as well as scientific research and development and higher education.

3. Lanzhou Xigu New City Industrial Park: prioritizes polyolefin, aluminum products, natural gas and other industries, as well as the development of plastic processing and machining industries.

4. West Baiyin District Economic Development Zone and Baiyin Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Base: prioritize the construction of urban administrative, cultural, residential and logistics centers, as well as the development of large-scale professional markets, public cultural facilities and large entertainment centers.

5. Pingchuan Economic Development Zone: aims to become an important base of the energy industry, including coal chemical, as well as a center for ceramics and building materials, and agricultural and livestock product processing industries.

6. Dingxi Economic Development Zone: focuses on building national processing bases for potatoes and high-quality traditional Chinese medicine ingredients.

7. Longxi Economic Development Zone: develops intensive Chinese medicine processing, non-ferrous metal product processing, intensive agricultural product processing and modern logistics industries.

8. Lintao Economic Development Zone: focuses on the development of the industries of building materials and equipment manufacturing, agricultural and sideline product processing, traditional Chinese medicine processing, and modern logistics.

9. Linxia Economic Development Zone: primarily concerns the development of halal food and processing of special items related to different cultural and religious beliefs, and aims to create a national warehouse of halal beef and mutton.

10. Yongjing Industrial Park: focuses on the development of the chlor-alkali industry, fine chemical industry and smelting and forging industry with the aim of building a fine chemical industrial park.

11. Dongxiang Economic Development Zone: aims to develop the metal processing, machining, logistics and warehousing industries, in addition to creating a processing base of halal food with intensive halal beef and mutton processing, and a car dismantling center.

12. Guanghe Economic Development Zone: mainly focuses on the development of leather and wool processing and starch processing industries, and also aims to create the largest leather center in northwestern China.

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