Yellow River cultural tourism2013-12-13

Baiyin was an important outpost of the ancient Silk Road. Throughout history, Yellow River Culture, Western Xia Culture and Central Plain Culture integrated with one another here.

Traditional and new energy2013-12-13

Baiyin is abundant in coal resources. Currently there are 42 coal mines. Identified reserve amounts to 1.5 billion tons, of which 907 million tons can be used for industrial exploration.

Intensive processing of agricultural and livestock products2013-12-13

Farming developed along the Yellow River is Baiyin’s characteristic agriculture.

Fine chemical industry integration2013-12-13

There are over 10 large and medium-sized fine chemical industry enterprises in Baiyin city, including the Silver Light Company, laying a solid foundation for the development of the city’s fine chemical industry.

Mining industry and resource recycling2013-12-13

It is estimated that stripped barren rocks existing at open mining fields amounts to over 93 million cubic meters.

Non-metallic mineral products2013-12-13

Baiyin is rich in mineral resources. Many kinds of mineral ore are found with large reserves, wide distributions and huge potential value.

Machinery and special equipment manufacturing industry2013-12-13

There are six types of equipment manufacturers. They are metal product manufacturers, general equipment manufacturers, special equipment manufacturers, transportation equipment manufacturers and handicrafts manufacturers.

Comparative advantages of Baiyin2013-12-12

Baiyin, an industrial base and key region of “Lanzhou and Baiyin Core Economic Zone”, enjoys good economic conditions and low-cost investing.

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